"There's nothing else like this for improving overall fitness and athleticism. At 53 I'm in the best shape of my life and HardCore training has taken my sports performance to new levels. Thanks Bill & Naty for making me pain free and super fit for everything I love to do."

-Dan Young, Builder & Owner of Young Construction

It is not always easy to enjoy every moment of a tough work out, but Natalia has been the best trainer, friend and supporter I could have asked for in getting me through what are often the most challenging yet most rewarding moments of my day.
Through convincing me to hike trails I would never conquer on my own, guiding me through various TRX and circuit training routines, and even teaching me the basics of swimming for exercise, Natalia has kept my training routine diverse and interesting.
Not only has she kept me engaged with various athletic activities, but she has also kept me motivated and entertained during my workouts with her radiant energy and endless supply of stories. Each hike up baldy was also a journey through Columbian culture or the world of extreme sports with Natalia’s stories.
Bill and Natalia have not only helped me become physically stronger, but have also taught me that fitness is part of a lifestyle in which one has the freedom to take their body and mind to new places. I am endlessly grateful for Bill and Natalia and I cannot wait to continue my journey with them.
Thank you, Bill and Natalia! I cannot wait to get back into the gym and out on the ski trails with you this winter!
— Katie Dumke
The Hardcore Training Center is a great facility that allows me to take my full-time nordic training to a whole new level! It provides a workout that I can’t get anywhere else, and includes everything from balance, power, core, and endurance. Bill is great, the classes are always fun and I always end up exhausted at the end! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!!!
— Reid Pletcher, SV Nordic Gold Team, NCAA National Champion
Hardcore is amazing! I have trained for years and Hardcore has definitely helped me get to the next level. Like most of us, I am busy and have limited time to train. I want the time I spend training to be effective. Hardcore’s combination of core strength, flexibility and aerobic interval training is producing amazing results for my fitness and sports performance. I just turned fifty and have never felt better, stronger or more fit. Bill’s workouts work and he makes it fun and different every time. I am a loyal and grateful member of the Hardcore team.
— Dan Young, Builder & Owner of Young Construction
“I have never felt better— truly. I have been trying to find something that I can do in an hour in the middle of the day while my children are at school...and this class has been perfect. A quick hard hour and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I have noticed little things— like how easy it is to haul the groceries up the stairs or lift my daughter on to her bunk and it gives me an incredible lift inside knowing I can count on my body, And the best part was my son’s comment while I was putting the dishes away...”Mommy— you’ve got muscles!!”.
Thank you Bill and TRX !!!
— Hether Holter, HLH consulting, bookkeeping & financial services

“In the past 3 months of training at HardCore two to three times a week, I've had a lot of fun losing 20 lbs. of unwanted fat and gaining some muscle mass. I enjoy the balance and move-ment training and have had no injuries. Great people, great workouts, and a great way to go into the second half century of my life. I highly recommend training with Bill & Naty if you are serious about changing your body and getting more fit in a hurry.”
-Shane Mace

For better or worse, I find myself spending the bulk of my time managing my business rather than my physical fitness. Because of this, Bill and Naty’s HardCore Training program offers me the most time effective way to maximize the hours I can devote to conditioning. Each HardCore hour is comprehensive in terms of efficiently and effectively packing cardio, strength, balance, agility and core-conditioning into a tight time frame. We do a lot of high intensity ski specific movements which makes it easy for me to feel strong and fit every time I get on my nordic skis- which is usually for a VAMP workout! . I have not suffered any injuries on or off snow in the 8 years I have been training with Bill and believe that the strength and balance I have gained through his program has played an instrumental role. Regardless of your seasonal sport schedule, a comprehensive fitness program is a must. If you are like me and need to maximize the minimum on the time front, go HardCore!
— Sue Engelman, Realtor, Sotheby's
I love training hard, and I love performing, and I love doing my sports. In training, there are two components critical to me: function and fun. Bill Nurge and the Hardcore Training Center program deliver in both! Never before have I experienced such meaningful exercises that build the foundation of an overall strong, balanced and flexible body combined with the pure fun of movement, good exertion and camaraderie with fellow athletes. And when you’re seeing results and having fun then you’ll keep doing it. Bill’s training has made me a stronger climber.
— Wolf Riehle, Mountaineer
I have known Bill since he moved to Sun Valley in 1988. Back then he was fit, smart, fun and totally dedicated to helping others improve their athletic performance and health...fast forward to 2012 and he is still the same fit, smart trainer and athlete. The workouts at Hardcore reflect Bill’s personality. Intense, fun, hard and creative. You won’t find a trainer who has more passion and knowledge than Bill... he is the real deal and the Hardcore Training Center is one-stop shopping for fitness, strength and long term health. If results are what you desire, then HTC is where you need to be.
— Grady Burnett, Realtor, Sun Valley Brokers
So, here is what we did today!
And I just want to say THANK YOU! Because of you and Hardcore, I had both the strength and confidence to tackle this climbing route, and actually enjoy it. For all the times I have cursed you during a workout, I thanked you today!
See you in two weeks😉
— Kelly Feldman, Soccer Coach in Sun Valley, ID.

"I love the constant smiles and laughter that Naty and I share during my training sessions. Naty is very aware of how hard to push me and when to pull back.  But what I love most during my training sessions is the kick boxing practice. The coordination and strength used to learn the kick boxing routines puts to use all of my figure skating and dance background. I really enjoy getting stronger while developing a skill. I have achieved quite a few milestones training with Naty, and I believe that Naty enjoys each of my watershed moments even more than I do! " -Leslie Rego


“My workouts with Naty (and Bill) have become pivotal as to how I start and end my week. I have experienced a dramatic increase in overall body stamina and strength in such a short period of time and look forward to my workouts.  Thank you both for reigniting a love of exercise and a healthy body.”
-Kerri Everett

As the winter season approaches, I always wonder if I’m ready for the incredible demands of Nordic skiing and racing. I do my homework by coaching dryland training for the 100+ Vamps to get them ready for winter, as well as my own workouts outside of class, but my secret to success over the past couple years has been attending weekly HardCore Training Center workouts with Bill and Naty Nurge. There’s something different about their approach and process that seems to resonate with me in preparation for the winter’s skiing and racing. Since Bill is a Nordic skier himself, the workouts are geared toward many of the Nordic movement patterns and muscle recruitment and seem to translate directly into core stability and power on snow. There are no machines, only 2 straps and your own body weight, therefore, they are safe workouts and don’t require a long learning curve. The workouts promote balance, strength and overall athleticism. Every day is different at Hardcore. Bill is constantly thinking of ways to better his students by challenging them to think, balance and put out whole body movements at the same time. Do I like to train alone? No! That’s why I visit Hardcore once or twice a week. It’s FUN, in a hardcore kind of way. I wouldn’t go if it wasn’t for the camaraderie and encouragement of Bill and the others in the class. Do I suffer? Of course, there’s a modicum of suffering, but “that which does not kill you makes you stronger!” Will I be a better, stronger, faster Nordic Skier this winter? I’d venture to say YES! I feel like I’m putting money in the bank every time I go to class.
— ~Muffy Ritz. World Masters Nordic Champion and Head Coach of VAMPS.
My name is Johnny Bolton I work out at Hard Core. The first time i worked out with Bill was around 2006. It was different then but none the less extremely difficult.. I re-joined last year,to what is now Hard Core Fitness focusing on TRX strength training. I have been involved in Martial Arts Training since 1978. I opened My Martial Arts school of Okinawan GOJU Karate in Hailey in 1994. My style of martial training is extremely difficult physically. It is traditional Training focusing on training ones body to be a weapon. I have always tried to push myself to my physical limits. However one can only push yourself so far without getting distracted and loosing track of your workout agenda. What i like about working out at Hard Core fitness is that I get the maximum extremely difficult work out I want. When I walk in the door there is no turning back. I have no choice but to push myself to the limit. I don’t have to think about what I am going to do next, it is out of my control. Bill has planed each work out we do and what muscles are focused on during each class. It is always changing, no muscle group has time to get comfortable. And we are constantly getting educated on what muscle groups are being engaged and why. I love it! And I hate it! however I need and want the most difficult physical training available. Hard core fitness provides this for me. I am 65 years old! I plan on feeling like I am 45 for at least the next 20 years. I get to work out with people 40 years younger than I am and people older than me. I also get to work out with world class athletes at Hard core. I am proud to be a part of the tribe....At Hard Core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Johnny Bolton, Owner Bolt LLC Construction
TRX training is at the core of my year-round functional strength program. HardCore’s training regime keeps me stronger and more balanced than anything I’ve ever done. The classes are incredibly challenging yet fun. I have no doubt that HardCore training has kept me winning on the slopes and out of the doctor’s office.
— Anna Droege, 2015 Alpine Master's National Champion