Make time to challenge yourself and make time to play :)

Blue skies, sweet sun and too much fun to be had outdoors. What's not to love about summertime in Sun Valley!

Big shout out to all of our TribeMates who are putting their HardCore Fitness to the ultimate test...RACING !!!  Competition is not everyones cup of tea but it is a great way to keep your training inspired and your body super sharp. Karoline Droege just crushed another Cascade 100 Mtb and John Reuter is on a tear with an overall win of the Wood River Cup Short Track, 2nd place at the Fox Trot 50k and top 10 at the Tahoe Trail 100 earning him an "elite start" at the upcoming Leadville 100. Great job Karoline and John !!! 

This morning, after the Hardcore Training Center scrub down, Naty and I were in the mood for a fun but formidable challenge.Something hard that we rarely do or haven't done. She suggested a pull up contest but I wasn't feeling the love from my lats so I suggested our first ever 500 meter throw down on the SkiErg. Since 2009, Concept 2 has had thousands of entries from all over the globe for the World and American Records (500 &1,000 meter) on the SkiErg. What better way to start a Sunday than to challenge the record books and pay homage to the SkiErg Gods who keep all of us humble, happy and HardCore Fit. 

photo 2-1.JPG

I went first. Even though we were only racing the record books the adrenaline level was high and the doubts were omnipresent. What if I suck, what if I can't handle the pain, what if I don't finish...??? Long story short I did eventually start and I did eventually finish but it wasn't pretty.The first 45 seconds flew byaveraging around 1:31 pace (2,000 calories per hour) and the second 51 seconds painfully dragged on forever with an overall average of approximately 1,700 cals/hour. My effort was 6 seconds shy of the World Record (50-59 age) but good enough to drop the American record by 4 seconds. Despite nearly losing my double dose of French Vanilla Joe I will race again and try to lose the pesky 6 seconds :)

After witnessing my post event collapse to the floor and verge of vomiting drama Naty said she didn't feel like going that hard and was going to do a "happy" 500 meters.She put on some mellow Marc Anthony music and proceeded to happily jump and pull her way to a 500 meter World Record for the 40-49 age group. For one minute and 58 seconds Naty was in her Happy Cave burning ~1,100+ calories per hour... Congrats Naty !!!!

"If you would not age, you must make everything you do touched with play, play of the body, of thought, of emotions. If you do, you will belong to that special class of people who find joy and happiness in every act, in every moment. Those to whom leisure is the one thing valuable." Make time to challenge yourself and make time to play :)