"Change your body, Change your life" is what we do. We design and implement workouts that change your body from the inside out.

"It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!" ~Mark Twain

We've got Spring Fever and we want it all. We want to ride, run, hike, and continue to create super FUNctional life altering workout experiences. Without a doubt life is more fun when you're fit. The more fit you are the more energy you have for everything. The more energy you have the more you do. The more you do, the better you feel. The better you feel the happier you are with yourself and others. It's not that complicated but doing the right things for your body and your fitness is more complex than it seems. 

Our tagline "Change your body, Change your life" is what we do. We design and implement workouts that change your body from the inside out.  We want to optimize the efficiency and performance of all of the system's in your body that are known to Specifically Adapt to Imposed Demands. Unlike a bodybuilder whose primary concern is maximizing muscle size and definition, our definition of "change your body" goes way beyond that. We want to make your heart bigger and stronger, your blood vessels more pliable, your bones stronger and denser, your muscles more capable of producing and sustaining force, your mitochondria more numerous and larger so you can do more work aerobically using fat as an energy source. We want to stimulate your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone so your body is more adaptive and responsive to change. We want to improve the connectivity of your nervous system so you are able to more effectively activate your muscles to produce more force in a coordinated manner. i.e. MOVE BETTER !  In short, we want your body customized, optimized, and aggrandized for YOUR life and YOUR sports. 

Hardcore Training is not a fad. It's not something you do because it's cool or "in" right now. HardCore Training is what you do when you want to be your best. It is a commitment you make to your body to do the right things that make it better. It is an investment you make in the unique physical address that you call home. It's all you have in this lifetime and no one else can do for your body what you canDoing the right things now, investing in your body and physical health now, will pay huge dividends down the road. Pre-habilitation and pre-emptive diligence are always better than 20/20 hindsight. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing you get better and get more out of your life and activities.

As always, train hard 2-3x/week, eat only what your body needs and get enough sleep.

Enjoy your evening and see you at HardCore,

Bill & Naty

ps: Check out this weeks Billy Speed Bag drill. By now everyone knows the 1 rebound fist roll.  And the 2 rebounds front/back pattern. And the traditional 3 rebounds pattern. Now we can work on combining all three patterns !  

pps: Please bring/carry in your clean "indoors only" training shoes. Walking from your car to the studio seems innocuous but it brings dust, dirt and rocks into our training space. THANKS for your cooperation :)