Whether we race "against" others or race "against" the clock, the race is always "against" our selves.

Whether we race "against" others or race "against" the clock, the race is always "against" our selves. Our bodies, our minds, our ability to push through self-imposed pain barriers that limit human performance . Other racers and event records are simply there to challenge us to do our best, to explore our limits, to push the extreme boundaries of our own minds and bodies.

Some people claim to get in touch with their mind/body connection in yoga or meditation. Some of us can only "connect" by taking our bodies and minds to the edge of what is possible and then going a little beyond that. La Petit Mort is a French expression for "little death." Perhaps racers deliberately push themselves to la petit mort so they can better connect with the greatness of being alive and some undefined power greater than themselves...
Whatever the reasons, racers need to race and we are racers. On Sunday, Naty and i decided to do our first 500 meter race "against" the Concept 2 SkiErg Record Books. We died !!!

Anyone who has done battle with the SkiErg intuitively understands that it is one of the most unforgiving, objective and comprehensive tests of systemic stamina, power and biomechanical efficiency. No body part is spared and the all encompassing metabolic demands are off the charts. Since 2009, Concept 2 has diligently kept track of the thousands of athletes from all over the globe who have done battle with the SkiErg 500 meter and 1,000 meter events in an effort to be the best SkiErg slayers in America and the World.

Despite getting crushed by the indomitable SkiErg and dying a few dozen la petit morts we managed to temporarily rewrite the record books. Records are meant to be broken, but for this moment in time Naty is the SkiErg 500 meter World Record holder (40-49 age), and I am the 500 meter American Record Holder for the 50-59 age group.

While these records are completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things and have no real "value", the meaning and value for racers is the validation that at one time, on one day, "your" very best was "the" very best. Your best effort defined the limit of human performance in that event, on that day, under those circumstances.

There's nothing more valuable and meaningful in life than doing your best. Even if your best is never measured, or acknowledged, or never "the" best it has value and meaning because you know, deep down, that you have given your all, your everything, your personal best. Whether it pertains to your life, your family, your friends, your career, or your sports, all that matters is doing your best

Make time to challenge yourself and make time to play :)

Blue skies, sweet sun and too much fun to be had outdoors. What's not to love about summertime in Sun Valley!

Big shout out to all of our TribeMates who are putting their HardCore Fitness to the ultimate test...RACING !!!  Competition is not everyones cup of tea but it is a great way to keep your training inspired and your body super sharp. Karoline Droege just crushed another Cascade 100 Mtb and John Reuter is on a tear with an overall win of the Wood River Cup Short Track, 2nd place at the Fox Trot 50k and top 10 at the Tahoe Trail 100 earning him an "elite start" at the upcoming Leadville 100. Great job Karoline and John !!! 

This morning, after the Hardcore Training Center scrub down, Naty and I were in the mood for a fun but formidable challenge.Something hard that we rarely do or haven't done. She suggested a pull up contest but I wasn't feeling the love from my lats so I suggested our first ever 500 meter throw down on the SkiErg. Since 2009, Concept 2 has had thousands of entries from all over the globe for the World and American Records (500 &1,000 meter) on the SkiErg. What better way to start a Sunday than to challenge the record books and pay homage to the SkiErg Gods who keep all of us humble, happy and HardCore Fit. 

photo 2-1.JPG

I went first. Even though we were only racing the record books the adrenaline level was high and the doubts were omnipresent. What if I suck, what if I can't handle the pain, what if I don't finish...??? Long story short I did eventually start and I did eventually finish but it wasn't pretty.The first 45 seconds flew byaveraging around 1:31 pace (2,000 calories per hour) and the second 51 seconds painfully dragged on forever with an overall average of approximately 1,700 cals/hour. My effort was 6 seconds shy of the World Record (50-59 age) but good enough to drop the American record by 4 seconds. Despite nearly losing my double dose of French Vanilla Joe I will race again and try to lose the pesky 6 seconds :)

After witnessing my post event collapse to the floor and verge of vomiting drama Naty said she didn't feel like going that hard and was going to do a "happy" 500 meters.She put on some mellow Marc Anthony music and proceeded to happily jump and pull her way to a 500 meter World Record for the 40-49 age group. For one minute and 58 seconds Naty was in her Happy Cave burning ~1,100+ calories per hour... Congrats Naty !!!!

"If you would not age, you must make everything you do touched with play, play of the body, of thought, of emotions. If you do, you will belong to that special class of people who find joy and happiness in every act, in every moment. Those to whom leisure is the one thing valuable." Make time to challenge yourself and make time to play :)

“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

Change is the only constant in this life... If you're not working on getting younger you are undoubtedly getting older. If you're not working on getting leaner then you're probably getting fatter. If you are not working on improving your fitness than you are by default losing your fitness. Change will drag you down unless you work on directing its course. 

You don't necessarily have to quantify change to know which direction your moving but it's always fun to see progressive metrics. Kudos to the HardCore athletes who defied the "natural aging process" and actually improved their sustainable power production, cardiovascular efficiency, power/weight ratio, and preferential use of fat as an energy source. Races are a great way to quantify your fitness. There's nothing better than comparing you to you, year after year. Never stop working and never stop changing!

Every morning in Idaho,

a mule deer wakes up and it knows it must outmaneuver the fastest mountain lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Idaho, a mountain lion wakes up and it knows it must outmaneuver the slowest mule deer or it will starve. It doesn't matter if you're the lion or the deer, when the sun comes up, you'd better be able to move quickly and skillfully. 

For wild animals that are inexorably linked to the food chain the difference between being "in shape" and being "out of shape" is the difference between life and death.

For humans it is no different. If you want to stay young and alive you'd better be moving...Everyday !!! Fast movements, slow movements, high tension, low tension, up, down, side to side, move your body and make the animal inside you smile. 

Too many people take better care of their cars, "stuff" and animals than their own bodies. Like it or not you are not that evolved...You are still an animal and when the sun comes up you'd better be moving :)

"Change your body, Change your life" is what we do. We design and implement workouts that change your body from the inside out.

"It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want — oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!" ~Mark Twain

We've got Spring Fever and we want it all. We want to ride, run, hike, and continue to create super FUNctional life altering workout experiences. Without a doubt life is more fun when you're fit. The more fit you are the more energy you have for everything. The more energy you have the more you do. The more you do, the better you feel. The better you feel the happier you are with yourself and others. It's not that complicated but doing the right things for your body and your fitness is more complex than it seems. 

Our tagline "Change your body, Change your life" is what we do. We design and implement workouts that change your body from the inside out.  We want to optimize the efficiency and performance of all of the system's in your body that are known to Specifically Adapt to Imposed Demands. Unlike a bodybuilder whose primary concern is maximizing muscle size and definition, our definition of "change your body" goes way beyond that. We want to make your heart bigger and stronger, your blood vessels more pliable, your bones stronger and denser, your muscles more capable of producing and sustaining force, your mitochondria more numerous and larger so you can do more work aerobically using fat as an energy source. We want to stimulate your body to produce more Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone so your body is more adaptive and responsive to change. We want to improve the connectivity of your nervous system so you are able to more effectively activate your muscles to produce more force in a coordinated manner. i.e. MOVE BETTER !  In short, we want your body customized, optimized, and aggrandized for YOUR life and YOUR sports. 

Hardcore Training is not a fad. It's not something you do because it's cool or "in" right now. HardCore Training is what you do when you want to be your best. It is a commitment you make to your body to do the right things that make it better. It is an investment you make in the unique physical address that you call home. It's all you have in this lifetime and no one else can do for your body what you canDoing the right things now, investing in your body and physical health now, will pay huge dividends down the road. Pre-habilitation and pre-emptive diligence are always better than 20/20 hindsight. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing you get better and get more out of your life and activities.

As always, train hard 2-3x/week, eat only what your body needs and get enough sleep.

Enjoy your evening and see you at HardCore,

Bill & Naty

ps: Check out this weeks Billy Speed Bag drill. By now everyone knows the 1 rebound fist roll.  And the 2 rebounds front/back pattern. And the traditional 3 rebounds pattern. Now we can work on combining all three patterns !  

pps: Please bring/carry in your clean "indoors only" training shoes. Walking from your car to the studio seems innocuous but it brings dust, dirt and rocks into our training space. THANKS for your cooperation :)