is for the Master’s skier who wants to enjoy the process of “practicing", as much as reaping the rewards from their coveted training time. How can you expect your skiing to be fresh, powerful and efficient if your training program is stale, monotonous, and ineffective? We’ve taken the mystery--and misery--out of Nordic training and technique.

Whereas most Nordic Camps focus primarily on technique, we’re going to shift the focus to FITNESS as it relates to technique. Nordic skiing is not that unlike sailing…In order to get anywhere you need a captain (brain and neuromuscular system) who knows the “technique.". But all of the sailing acumen in the world won’t get you anywhere (except maybe Gilligan’s Island) without a big functional sail (muscles) to harness the power from the wind; a centerboard (core) that provides stability and balance to keep from tipping over; and a strong hull (strength and integrity) that can withstand lots of time under tension.   

Bottom line: You may be the Captain of technique, but unless you’ve got boatloads of balance, core-stability, upper & lower body power, stamina, and athleticism you’re not going too far, or too fast.  Everything has to fall in line with FITNESS.

"The NUMBER ONE thing we’ve got to do if we want to win (or have FUN!) at a sport that is won by the fittest athletes in the world, is we have to be the fittest athletes in the world". 

"Whatever we do, fitness has to be our number one goal. Whatever money, time, expertise we have, it’s going toward that.” Wise words spoken 16 years ago by two time Olympian Pete Vordenberg, when he took over as Head Coach for the U.S. Nordic Team and led them through some of their most successful years (including the first World Championship medal won by a U.S. woman, and the first World Cup medal in 25 years). Pete was way ahead of his time in recognizing the importance of overall fitness as it relates to skiing fast and efficiently. 
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Join us for up to 9 days of world class hiking, biking, roller skiing, strength & conditioning, and personalized technique training that will bring your fitness & nordic skiing to a whole new level of performance and FUN.



—I’ve spent my entire adult life—38 years-- as a fitness professional, coach, athlete, and avid student of human performance. I’ve learned a lot of personal lessons from my fair share of podium time in different disciplines, but being athletically skilled and fit doesn’t necessarily translate to being a great coach. Great coaches have the knowledge, experience, and ability to effectively communicate “how” to make individual athletes better.  

Extensive graduate studies in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology provide the foundation for me to analyze movements, exercises, and physiological parameters associated with high-level athletic performance. That was 32 years ago...But in case you haven’t noticed our sport is evolving. Getting better is a moving target which is why it’s critical to stay up to speed on the latest scientific studies, AND how the best athletes in the world are evolving. 


At the elite level its survival of the fittest, fastest, and most technically proficient. It’s monkey see, monkey do better, if you want to stay at the sharp end of the elite field. Of course everyone can “watch” the best athletes ski, but only the best coaches can distill what they see into training exercises and technique work that will actually make YOU better. And just because Jessie Diggins and Johannes Klaebo train and ski a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s what Masters athletes three times their age should be trying to replicate. No worries, we’ll break it all down and get you moving more dynamically and powerfully so you can ski faster and have more fun :)   

Because two sets of eyes and brains are always better than one, I wanted to partner with another seasoned pro who not only has lots of experience coaching, but also has the technical skills and fitness capable of winning the Birkebeiner and competing in World Cup races. I met Matt Liebsch last summer--at the Haig Glacier Camp he coaches every year--and aside from being slightly annoyed (haha) by how fit and strong he looks, I was extremely impressed with his knowledge, communications skills, and ATHLETICISM. Not to mention the fact that he knows how to ski—and pretty much do everything—FAST... His Level 1/115 bpm is most Master’s level 4 so he’ll have no problem chasing you guys around the hills of Sun Valley :) 

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The other key piece of the Nordic puzzle that Matt brings is his unique understanding of Nordic EQUIPMENT. From the moment you put on your skis, boots, and poles they become an integral part of your anatomy and radically affect your ability—or lack thereof— to produce power while maintaining balance. Matt is the co-owner of Pioneer Midwest and travels around the globe--to the ski factories--finding the perfect boards for top-tier athletes. If you’re nice to him, he can set you up with hand-picked skis and equipment that will make your coveted time on-snow more fun because you’ll be less focused on balance and stability, and more focused on ground-force & glide.

And just in case the two of us alpha-male Nordie coaches seems like too much to bear, we’ve got a couple of "kinder and gentler" female iterations of us that will still kick your A$$ and make you better, but do it in a way that makes you smile and feel happy :)