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Mountain Warrior Triathlon FUNdraiser for Higher Ground

July 21st 2018


1) GOOD SPORT DIVISION: DO ONE OF THE THREE—BIKE, HIKE OR RUN-- EVENTS YOURSELF! Time it if you want to, or leave your watch at home. The goal is to participate. $25 donation/person

2) TEAM DIVISION: Divide and conquer with your friends: 2 or 3 person Teams of any sex will make it more fun. All team participants start at 8:15 a.m. with everyone else. $50 donation per Team

3) MOUNTAIN WARRIOR TRIATHLETE: Conquer all 3 uphill events—Gondola ride down each time—and you are a true Mountain Warrior!!! $50 donation per Triathlete

4) SPONSOR: If you don’t want to, or can’t partake as an athlete you can still participate as a sponsor. We would love to find a generous sponsor or two to help underwrite the cost of Special Event Insurance ($350) and the SV Co. Mountain use fee ($500). OR, you can pick any athlete and if they complete their event(s) you’re on the hook for whatever amount you can afford to donate to HG.  

We appreciate your support of this unique and challenging FUNdraiser for Higher Ground.  

Please bring cash or check (payable to Bill Nurge) by end of this week. We are there every morning at 8:00 a.m. Or you can mail it to me at p.o. box 2468, Ketchum and we’ll make sure it gets to HG :)


All of the outdoor events are entirely self-supported. You will need to hydrate and feed yourself. AND you will need to time your SELF. In an effort to minimize reliance on volunteers and maximize SELF-RELIANCE each athlete will be responsible for their own timing. You will need carry a fully-charged Smart Phone with you so you can take time-stamped selfies at the designated start/finish “lines."

SATURDAY, JULY 21st, we will all start at exactly 8:15:00 on the iPhone. Once you complete your event Bikers, Hikers, and Triathletes will take a selfie next to the clock at Xmas Chairlift across from the Gondola. This is the chairlift that you could take to the top…Can’t miss it! RUNNERS will take a selfie next to the clock at the Upper Frenchman’s Chairlift. This is at the bottom of Upper College.


Your selfie is proof that you made it to the “finish-line” and provides your split for that event. You need to text us the pic and we can get your exact time to the second. If you are only doing one event on a team you are done for the day. One time-stamped selfie and we’ll see you at the 6:00 post-race pizza party (extra $20 for pizza and wine/beer).
If you are doing more than one outdoor event you  get  to enjoy a 10 minute Gondola download recovery break. Take a few minutes—you will have 10— at the bottom to hydrate, change your shoes, and lock your bike. You must restart within 20 minutes of your previous selfie time or be docked with a 10 min penalty :(

TRIATHLETES, when you are ready to go for your 2nd or 3rd event you will need to take another selfie—next to the flower planter at the bottom of the Gondola platform stairs—so we will know your exact start time for the next event. When you get to the finish of your next event go straight to the clock and take another selfie so we know your exact split time for that event.
If you are a TRIATHLON competitor you will take a total of 5 time-stamped selfies (one at Xmas lift following bike, one at Gondola planter before hike, one at Xmas lift after hike, one again at Gondola planter, and final one at Upper Frenchman’s chairlift) so we will know your splits for each event and then calculate your exact total uphill time for all 3 events. Individual Warriors  will take only one selfie-pic at the Xmas Lift (after the bike or hike) and one at the Frenchman’s Lift after the run. No selfie no time…So send us your selfies so we can get your splits and total time :) If for some reason your phone dies or gets eaten by a large animal have someone who is at the top or bottom take a pic and send it to you. It will be time-stamped. Then send it to us.

Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. sharp there will be a brief pre-event meeting for all participants. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR CELL PHONE AND HAVE A PLACE TO CARRY IT. We recommend wearing a bike-jersey for all 3 events so you can store your phone and food. All athletes will start promptly at 8:15:00.


BIKERS will head up the service road/Cat Track and bear left after the Lower Lift…Same way as Buddy Hike and NOT up Mid-River Run!  Keep going until you get to the bottom of Round House slope and there will be a wooden “horse” with an arrow directing you to the left service road. Once you bear left at the bottom of RH slope you will BEAR RIGHT at every intersection after that…Look for the painted arrows on the ground to direct you right at every intersection until you get to the lower Xmas chairlift. After completing the clockwise loop around the Round House—and arriving at the lower Xmas chairlift—head straight to the clock next to the chairlift for your time-stamped SELFIE. Download with your bike and then lock your bike to the rack below or put it back in your car if you are heading back up the mountain for another event.

HIKERS: If you are doing the Triathlon you will need to take a Selfie next to the flowers at the bottom of the Gondola stairs before you start your hike. Then proceed across the grass and over to where the Bald Mountain Trail starts. DON’T TAKE THE BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL!!! Go “left” UP THE SERVICE ROAD that takes you to the Lower RR Lift and keep going up onto MID-RIVER RUN. Go past the first ski-run on your left—Exhibition—and take the next left onto CANYON. Proceed straight up Canyon—no lefts or rights—just keep going UP and Straight until you get to the very top and you will see the Gondola and Xmas Lift clock. Go straight to the clock, snap a SELFIE and download :)


RUNNERS: If you are a Triathlon competitor you will need to take a Selfie next to the flowers at the bottom of the Gondola stairs before you start your run.Proceed across the grass to the 50 meters of service road that takes you to the Bald Mountain Trail. Get on the single-track Bald Mountain Trail and stay on it—no lefts or rights and yes you will cross a Cat Track one time—until you get to the Round House Connector Trail SIGN. Keep your head up when you are running or you can miss this sign!!! When you get to the Wooden Sign that says Round House Connector .7 miles pointing to the left, DON’T GO LEFT. i.e. Don’t take the Connector Trail. Stay straight—on the Bald Mountain Trail—for 10 more feet until you are on mid-College ski run and then GO LEFT straight up Mid-College until you get to the upper Frenchman’s lift (it will be on your right) and take your final selfie. This lift is NOT at the very top of the mountain. This lift is at the bottom of Upper College Ski run. When you arrive at Upper Frenchman’s lift go straight to the clock and take your FINAL SELFIE. YOU ARE DONE!!!  Congrats and hope to see you at the pizza party!!!


Post-Race PIZZA PARTY and PRIZES: Every participant is invited to join us Sunday/post-race at 6:00 p.m.on Perry's deck for pizza and libations. There will be plenty of yummy Rico’s pizza to go around but only a limited supply of Tito’s and Tonic so please BYOB….If you have a special beer, wine or elixir that you makes you happy after a long hard weekend of racing then by all means bring it and we’ll keep it cold for you. We want you happy, sated, and super content knowing you did your best and helped others in the process.

There are no trophies, mugs or decorative plates after a hard-fought military battle. And the same will be true for the Mountain Warriors. We will recognize every athlete and award a special prize for the person who raises the most sponsorship money. Last year we raised nearly 5k for HG—mostly from generous sponsors—and we hope to do the same or better this year. Please help us, help Higher Ground, however you can. Thanks!!! 



1. Figure out how much you are comfortable donating. A $75 donation will get you a VIP ticket to the post-race pizza party (with a special Navy Seal guest of honor) on Saturday, July 21st, 6:00 p.m., at Perry’s outside deck in Ketchum.  You can choose to sponsor an athlete and if they complete their event(s) you are on the hook for your donation to Higher Ground. Or you can just write a check to HG and we’ll make sure it gets to them.

2. Please call us if you have any questions or don’t understand how this works and thanks so much for your support.

3. We already have some serious out-of-pocket skin in the game ($500 to SV Co for site-fee and $350 for Special Event Insurance) so any help we can get on underwriting these expenses would be greatly appreciated and we are happy to list you as a Premium Sponsor and have you join us at the post-event party :) 

Please feel free to call me—208.720.1829-- if you have any questions or would like to participate in any way. Thanks so much for your consideration.