And in the process of celebrating Life, and the fact that you can hike up Baldy, we will raise money for those who cannot. All of the proceeds will go to Camp Rainbow Gold: an Idaho based non-profit that provides emotionally empowering experiences to children and their families with cancer. And Because You Can: a California based non-profit dedicated to providing life-enhancing tools and experiences for people with Neurodegenerative Disease. 

Fun Hike at baldy

Fun Hike at baldy

Aging isn't for sissies.  Neither is witnessing or having a child battling cancer. Or watching a relative struggling with the chronic and debilitating effects of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). 

Hike Event for Camp Rainbow glod

Hike Event for Camp Rainbow glod

From the moment we expectorate amniotic fluid out of our lungs and gasp our first breath, we are all engaged in a constant uphill struggle to stay alive. A fight to the death to resist the downward and inevitable entropic pull of aging and disease. While certain aspects of aging, cancer, and MS are indomitable, there’s still a LOT we can do to help ourselves and others maximize the quality of our precious time here on planet Earth.

If you think life is tough now, turn back the clock to six million years ago when our early human ancestors were in the throes of evolutionary divergence from chimps and other primates. In the mostly amicable split, we bi-pedaled away with bigger brains—3x larger at a cost of twice the energy expenditure—and the chimps hung on to their brawny sinew; pound-for-pound they’re at least twice as strong as the toughest humans. In spite of the sizable brain-brawn differences between humans and our hirsute cousins, we are still (genetically speaking) only about 2% different. Who cares?  We do…Because beneath the highly developed and metabolically expensive hard-drives, lives an animal; an athlete; and a fighter.

Fun Run

Fun Run

Move your Animal:  Take away the cognition, clothes, and cologne and you're left with "a living thing that can move and eat and react to the world through its senses...” An animal, that needs to stay hydrated, fueled, fit and healthy in order to survive.

Bill & Naty Nurge

Bill & Naty Nurge

Most people do a great job of taking care of their pets but fall abundantly short when it comes to meeting the myriad needs of their own bodies. Not unlike our canine-companions, humans need to move and play every day. Fast movements, slow movements, high-tension, low-tension, push/pull, up and down, side-to-side, front-to-back. Multi-dimensional movements that challenge your body’s ability to stabilize, mobilize, coordinate, balance and exert force throughout a full-range of motion are best for keeping your animal fit and strong. 


The anti-aging work of maintaining your muscle-mass, bone-density, balance, cardiovascular system, coordination and ability to move well is a use-it or lose-it contractual agreement. The Universe has generously loaned you, with specific terms & conditions, a body for this Lifetime and your failure to train it and maintain it is considered an egregious default on your loan. Being "too busy” now to take care of your high-maintenance animal will more than likely result in being forced to find lots of time and money later for doctors, hospitals and therapists. Pre-habilitation is always preferable to re-habilitation. At HardCore, we train like intelligent humans inside--because we understand what the body needs to function optimally-- so we can play like wild animals outside.

Train your Athlete: We don’t stop playing because we grow old…We grow old because we stop playing.


At HardCore, we believe that organized play (sports & athletic challenges) are an essential component of any fitness regime. Whether you train to compete, or just play recreationally, the important thing is to find sports and activities you are passionate about.  Your workouts should be purposeful play—with your friends--and practical preparation for your life and sports. We don’t train to get better at training. We train to get better at meeting the complex demands of the lives we lead, and the sports we are passionate about. And because getting better without getting hurt is far from intuitive you are always under our watchful and highly-trained eyes at HardCore.

Fuel your Fighter: We are all born to fight. It’s in our DNA.  When faced with a life or death situation the human body is hard-wired to “fight-or-flight” its way to safety.

The problem is--like everything in life--we lose the ability to perform what we don’t practice.  At HardCore, we train your mind-body team to take on and conquer challenges; because you never know when you will be confronted with a situation, illness, disease or injury that you need to fight your way out of. For most people, it’s not a matter of IF you will have to “fight” in this lifetime… It’s a matter of WHEN. To become a better and stronger athlete and fighter it is imperative to train with people who are better, stronger, and more athletic than you. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this.   


We believe the best things in life aren’t things; they are experiences. HardCore Training isn’t about acquiring hardware—medals and trophies—but focusses instead on the body-changing and life-altering experience of moving your animal, training your athlete and fueling your fighter to be better. Because when you do your best it brings everyone else around you up to a higher level. It raises the bar for what’s normal and what’s possible.  Watching my Mom fight a losing battle with MS most of her life, and witnessing the devastating effects of cancer on friends and family has given me a keen understanding of what's important. It’s not what we have that constitutes our abundance and happiness, it's what we are able to enjoy, appreciate, and experience with friends and family.  

So what’s all of this got to do with aging, cancer, and MS? Everything. And nothing.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing all you can, as often as you can, to train and function at the apex of your physical capabilities so you can mitigate the deleterious effects of aging and climb your highest personal mountains.  This is what HardCore Training is all about: safely, effectively and consistently challenging your body and mind to become better so you can enjoy and experience your life, at your highest level.  There is absolutely everything right about bringing everyone you can—especially those who are less fortunate—with you on the journey. This is what the Baldy Buddy hike is all about: challenging you to hike up Baldy (to the RoundHouse), so you can help us raise money to provide life-changing experiences for TribeMates who are fighting cancer and MS. 

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We invite ALL of YOU and your FRIENDS, to join us on June 25th, to hike up (free Gondola ride down) and raise money for Camp Rainbow Gold and Because you Can. For more information about HardCore Training and the Baldy Buddy Hike, call Bill Nurge at 208.720.1829.




Please go to the Elephant’s Perch or HardCore Training Center in Ketchum,  fill out a waiver—which serves as your raffle ticket for prizes—pay $20 cash or check (HardCore Training Center) and simply "show up and go up" on Saturday, June 25th, anytime before 9:00 a.m. You can hike solo or with friends. It doesn’t matter because you are not being timed and not racing for prizes.  We would like to have everyone up at the RoundHouse by 10:15. So if you want to go super-slow you should probably start at 8:15-8:30 to allow enough time to make it up for the Awards Ceremony (for Racers) and Raffle Prizes for everyone.

Please pre-register: up to 6:00 p.m. June 24th at the Elephant’s Perch. There will be on-site registration from 8:00-8:30 at River Run Lodge but it will be $25/hiker instead of $20. .

The course for hikers and racers is the same. Straight up the River Run service-road, bear left after the lower R.R. lift, and proceed all the way to the bottom of Round House slope at which point you will go straight up—along the snow guns—to the finish line below the Round House. Look for the flags, tent and friendly volunteers who will high-five you and point you in the direction of H20, bananas and Perry’s cookies :) The course is 5 kilometers/3.1 miles and 2,000 vertical feet so pace yourself.


All proceeds—minus the cost of event insurance—will go directly to Camp Rainbow Gold and Because you Can.

Feel free to call Bill Nurge at 208.720.1829 if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for your support and see you at the Baldy Buddy Hike on June 25th, River Run Lodge, Ketchum!


If you want to compete for special prizes you will need to have a BUDDY of the OPPOSITE-SEX to form a TEAM. The teams—top finishers--that will be awarded prizes will fall under three categories: MARRIED TEAMS, CO-ED TEAMS, AND FAMILY TEAMS. Please note that a family team competing for prizes must be opposite sex. FATHER/DAUGHTER, MOTHER/SON, OR BRO-SIS.

Any same-sex combination (Father/son, Mother/daughter, brothers or sisters) will not be eligible for Prizes. Same-Sex Teams will enter on the OTHER TEAM SHEET and will get timed, but will not be eligible for overall prizes. Please understand that this event is unique. This event is all about getting guys and girls to work together for a common goal. Each team-mate will post their fastest time and the two times will be added together for your TEAM TOTAL TIME. All participants will be eligible for randomly drawn raffle prizes.

So if you want to race up—and be timed-- to the RoundHouse you will need a buddy. If you want to be eligible for cool overall prizes you will need a buddy of the opposite sex (Spouse, Friend or Family Member). And you will need to pre-register and pay before Friday, 6:00 p.m., June 24th. Out-of-town racers who arrive late the night before or morning of the event can register on-site at 8:00 a.m. for $25/person or $50/TEAM.

ALL TEAM RACERS WILL NEED TO FILL OUT A WAIVER—which serves as your raffle ticket—and then enter your names, which type of Team, and your genders. Pay $20 cash or check to HardCore Training Center. Arrive at River Run Lodge at 9:00 and we will get you a race number and mass-start at 9:15.

Same-sex/OTHER Teams fill out a waiver-which serves as your raffle ticket—and then enter your names and your genders ON THE "OTHER TEAMS/SAME-SEX REGISTRATION SHEET.  Pay $20 cash or check to HardCore Training Center. Arrive at River Run Lodge at 9:00 and we will get you a race number and mass-start at 9:15.






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